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Crafting the Lifestyle and experiences that go hand-in-hand with our sailing yachts!


show you the yachting Lifestyle!

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Yachties in Town crafts unique nautical experiences in the San Francisco Bay, providing an opportunity for locals and visitors to indulge in luxury yachting while exploring the beauty of the Bay Area.

We offer a unique range of curated "ACTIVE" private sailing experiences that allow our clients to enjoy not only sailing on premium yachts but performing fun activities carefully planned to be performed on distant lands, including getting directly involved in steering the yacht and adjusting the sails. 

Yachties in Town is committed to providing a memorable and unique experience for its clients. The company has a fleet of brand-new W LIFESTYLE yachts to cater to different groups, making their passage to our YACHTING LIFESTYLE a desirable and memorable lifetime adventure.

For those who love to learn sailing and develop new skills, Yachties in Town offers sailing training experiences for beginners and experienced sailors alike conducted by seasoned sailors who provide insights into the yacht's technical aspects, sailing techniques, and safety measures.

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