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Our unique proposition

W believes that the usage of the yachts by the private members should be performed as if they own the yachts. We consider unnecessary a front desk counter that creates paperwork every time a yacht cast-off or returns to port. W believes that the feeling of ownership is a core part of thee permium nautcal LIFESTYLE we offer.


W SAILING is a Contact-Less private sailing community, designed to improve both, members' and guests’ experiences and managment operations. Digital self-service is a reality in the hospitality industry and our members take everything digital as an inseparable part of their lives, so we do the same for them.


 W has switched from managing yachts and reservations to enabling real-time digital guest services satisfaction. Self-services eliminate the clerical part of the job for front office staff and leave more opportunity for human interactions, increase the accuracy of routine operations, reduce costs, and improve the guest experience altogether.

Answering the needs and meeting the expectations of members is the core duty of our management team, and the same is reflected in our technological management tools in terms of software applications or digital devices. Member bookings and registration are enhanced by state-of-the-art Bluetooth contactless yacht self-check-in and check-out processes. Our members proudly skip all the lines and privately enjoy at their own pace the convenience of our modern technology as they set sail or return the yachts, gaining a unique sense of yacht ownership.



Another advantage of the W systems is that data is stored correctly and is available for members' convenience, and management 24/7. This information helps to better cater to service personalization, offering valuable information about previously occupied yachts, sailing slots consumed, special requirements, maintenance notes, customer preferences, personal information, and so on.


All our members take a fundamental role in expanding the frontiers of our sailing community. Each member is also a sailing Ambassador. Is not something we ask for, is a reciprocal duty that helps our community to look after each other helping new members willing to enroll to visit any of our private Marinas, meet and greet a yacht, sail a LIfestyle to see what it’s like or just to understand better how our sailing community works. Ambassadors also collaborate in a great deal to secure the integrity of the yachts and our surrounded community as they are the standard-bearers of the services that W delivers as they oversee all aspects of members sailing Lifestyle, build deeper bonds among members, spread our sailing culture and improve camaraderie and friendship.

Club Ambassadors have a wonderful role, they host, onboard, and guide new members, with duties that include greeting guests as they visit the Club, overlooking the fleet to be sure that all is in good shape and conditions, sailing with members for camaraderie and joy, and spending time at the docks with other members creating new experiences and developing deeper bonds at each possible interaction. Members care for other members.


Contact-less, does not mean lack of service!

Just in time members & yachts data

Ambassadors onboarding

Hand crafted experiences

Yachts with all the extras​



Premium sailing


We continue in the process of investing in the creation and development of better, safer and more desired WAHINE yachts. This guarantees high-end experiences and and lifetime memories at each single destination.



We greet each guest at the docks and are on-hand to ensure your every need is met. Pre-arrival grocery delivery, daily in-port housekeeping, servicing and sailing planning are always included.

Hospitality & Sailing


Our team of local experts are always available to help with tips and personal recommendations, training and instruction. Plus, you’ll never be alone, we are always at the docks proactively searching to engage with our members' to accommodate their needs.