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Subscription has its privileges

your worry-free yachting solution!

In the not-too-distant past, owning a sailboat was seen as a status symbol. If you could afford a yacht, the reasoning went, then you were doing well—and everyone could see it.

Today, however, the needle has shifted. People aren't that concerned about owning a yacht but they are much more interested in living the yachting experience. They aren’t so concerned about owning per se nor as interested in filling their lives with physical goods anymore. They don’t want to deal with upfront costs and credit requirements, the hassles of maintenance, and the frustration of obsolescence,

The sharing economy allows for easier and more convenient ways to live the nautical LIFESTYLE, obtaining similar or even better outcomes at a fraction of the cost!

Welcome to 


What's included?

W SUBSCRIBERS enjoy sailing at any available W SAILING destination, enjoy guest privileges and invites to PRIVATE events,  Pre-sail planning, on-site concierge service, yacht housekeeping at home port, early access to yachts, contactless service, late returns, and much more.



Premium Yachts


W treats members with unlimited sailing access to an exclusive fleet of semi-custom brand-new LIFESTYLE yachts, the benchmark in premium compact cruising yachts delivering enviable levels of comfort and superior refinement with daring looks and peerless performance.


Prime Destinations


W members access to a unique collection of hand-picked prime LIFESTYLE Sailing Destinations with the same membership, which includes all the available amenities that your crew needs to create unforgettable experiences every time you set sail a LIFESTYLE yacht.


Hassle-free sailing

Contactless check-in & check-out, Hop-on/Hop-off service,  invitations to private events, bespoke pre-sail planning, and exclusive benefits from partner brands are just a few advantages and privileges W members enjoy.


Improve your sailing skills

Become the master of sailing by participating in personalized one-on-one and group sailing sessions, allowing you to enhance your sailing skills and gain the self-assurance required to become the skipper you've always aspired to be. 



  • The W SAILING subscription provides exclusive access to all the services, sailing as much as desired, access to unlimited master Lifestyle sailing classes, marina amenities, and events offered by W SAILING for an individual. These subscriptions are designed for single individuals and are paid for by the individual subscriber.

  • For those who wish to involve their family members, W SAILING offers an additional subscription option. This subscription allows additional family members (first-degree relatives) to join W SAILING under the primary subscriber's account incurring a small monthly fee of $99 per additional subscriber. With a family subscription, immediate family members like spouses, children, or parents can partake in social sailing activities and utilize the amenities while accompanied by the primary subscriber. 

  • Your subscription matches you with the entire W SAILING community to sail away when you want to sail

  • Book & Crew-Up to have fun sailing as much as you desire 

  • Enjoy guest privileges 

  • Endless sailing at available destinations 

  • Contactless check-in & Check-out

  • Become the master of sailing by participating in personalized one-on-one and group sailing sessions, allowing you to enhance your sailing skills and gain the self-assurance required to become the skipper you've always aspired to be. These unlimited monthly training sessions are available at an additional cost of $99 per month. Typically, it takes around 2 to 4 months to achieve the sailing proficiency you desire.

  • Brand new W LIFESTYLE yachts

  • Managed booking system

  • Early access to yachts and late checkout

  • Yacht housekeeping at home port and sanitation ​

  • Pre-Set Sail planning and concierge service  

  • Invites to enjoy unique experiences and subscribers-only events​​​

  • Deductible hull insurance included

How does W Sailing work?


Go to our Whatsapp group and choose your preferred sailing slot and activity.



Crew-Up and book your preferred sailing slot to sail and have fun with other subscribers and guests (maximum 7 pers sail).  If you have a friend or guest, please verify availability before inviting them. Subscribers have priority.



You are now sailing on a brand new LIFESTYLE with subscribers that might have different skills and sailing experience than you, but all are equal and share the full camaraderie.


Is not only about sailing on premium yachts that the W SAILING community enjoys, there is also much FUN to be had on land. Form Sunset Dock-tails,  skiing, Hiking on new lands, and traveling, to the celebration of special events are also fun to participate in!


Not yet a subscriber, but ready 

to have FUN?

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