How does W SAILING work?

1 - How many subscribers does W SAILING have per destination?

W only allocates 10 members per yacht overall, not per destination. 


2 - How many yachts does W have per destination?

Any new destination or yacht incorporation to the fleet starts with NEW subscribers enrolled. We do this on a PRE-SALE process. W only makes subscription offers to eligible candidates that are considered to be a fit for the W community and are willing to make a contribution to increase the wellbeing of the community they aim to belong.  

3 - Where in Tiburon is the W harbor?

As soon as the the W community manage to enroll 5 NEW members a new boat will be added to the fleet in Tiburon, especifically at Cove at Tiburon, a private premium marina just facing SAUSALITO.

All Sailing destinations are based on premium-marinas and operate on a contact-less check-in / check-out method.   

4 - When yachts are unavailable to members at a certain location, how often must that lack of availability occur before W SAILING incorporate another yacht for that location?

Subscribers sail collectively between them and their guests at differentsailing destinations as they become available. As a result, W does not have such thing as UNAVAILABILITY. To secure that, W also keeps a ratio of 10 subscribers per yacht, and W only makes new subscriptions available when new yachts/openings become available and offer those spots to individuals that fit W nautical lifestyle. W does not purchase yachts; W manufactures them at its own factory in Massachusetts and deploys them across they selected siling estinations as needed and considered.


5 - How many members W has in Lake Tahoe?

W subscribers do not subscribe to a specific destination. W subscribers enroll for the whole lifestyle sailing experience and that includes any available destination. 1 Subscription fits all destinations, 10 subscriber per yacht.


6 - How many yachts W has in Lake Tahoe?

Under normal circumstances, at the end of April, W will remove a yacht from a year-round Bay area destination to be relocated for the summer on Lake Tahoe. Quantity of yachts will vary according to community wishes and intention to sail in Tahoe.


7 - Where is the Lake Tahoe harbor?

The only large enough locaion with deep waters and abundance of marine-services in the Tahoe area is the South Lake Tahoe Yacht Club.


8 - When members take a yacht, for how long may they take the boat? Hours?  Days?

They can go for a couple of hours or for a couple of days. Usage is unlimited. Normal usage is between 3 to 4 has each sail. W SAILING manages yacht reservations to help subscribers to book unlimited sailing time collectively with other subscribers and to participate within the Lifestyle Learn to Sail program easily, making the process of yacht allocation efficient and equitable for all the subscribers across all the destinations.


9 - How does booking work?

Bookings can be made using the online W SAILING (web/app) reservation system. Any booking received will be first verified before a reservation can be confirmed. Subscriber books sailing slots by choosing the Sailing Slots desired from a different W SAILING predetermined sailing calendar. Each day of a week is divided into 5 different sailing slots.


  • Subscriber must be present onboard during the use of a yacht at the time of its reservation

  • Booking calendar allows bookings up to 3 (three) weeks ahead of time

  • The subscriber cannot have more than 3 (three) reservations on the schedule at a time

  • Consecutive sailing slots can be booked simultaneously and are considered 1 (one) reservation

Each sailing destination may have a different booking calendar to match the appropriacy of the destination and allow the usage of the yachts efficiently.


10 - Do you permit corporate memberships?

We do have corporate programs, where enrolled companies pay a small monthly fix fee based on how many employees the company has, and in exchange, the company receives a specific quantity of monthly sailing activities plus opens the opportunity for those employees wishing to take sailing further an extremely affordable opportunity to become W members and enjoy the premium nautical Lifestyle we offer.


11 - Do you permit only personal/family memberships? 

W has 1 type of subscription which is PERSONAL, the “LIFESTYLE PASS”. A subscription allows subscribers personal unlimited sailing at any given destination, access to our brand new premium fleet of yachts, enjoy a hassle-free /contact-less experience allowing the use of the yachts as you were the owner of them, plus unlimited access to our LIFESTYLE learn to sail program, all included in a monthly membership of $499. 

1 2- How exactly works the GUEST PRIVILAGES of my membership? 

W welcomes member sailing and non sailing guests. Our community is committed to making the experience the best that it can possibly be. Sailing guests might sail up to four times during any given season at no charge. A member may have up to two sailing guests at one time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Guests are not allowed to sail on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays unless  they are part of the Weekend/Holidays Guest Specials.


1 3- Weekend/Holidays Guest Specials 

Community members are encouraged to invite up to four guests for a Saturday/Sunday or holiday sailing if planned ahead. Guest specials are perfect to enjoy quality time with family and friends on the water or just at the docks. W will do its best to coordinate them according demand at any given available destination. Communty memnebres will have priority, but we eill work with you to find the way to make it possible and accomoadate this specials events the best we can. 


14 - Are there any ways to share a membership across two or more people who are not in the same household/family?

Yu can add an additional for an extra $125 a month/each (1-year minimum commitment). Designated additional has to be accompanied by the original member when sailing. Additional will enjoy all the privilages and services of the original subcriber.


15 - If a yacht is moved to Tahoe, does that would mean no sailing in SF bay during the summer?

No. W if necesary and if demand determines that the deployment of the yachts as necessary, not the entire fleet. All available an operating destinations will still operative during the summertime.