SAIL intelligently to OWNERSHIP!

Let W SAILING work for you!

Take advantage of the WAHINE OWNERSHIP PROGRAM (WOP) and become the OWNER of a new LIFESTYLE yacht while sailing large with family and friends right from the start in a yacht of our fleet, enjoying 80% commission for any active W SAILING subscriber you enroll into the W SAILING community.


The WOP allows you within a period of 5-years or less to sail away with your own new LIFESTYLE yacht and owe nothing, reaching hassle-free OWNERSHIP while you enjoy sailing and having fun right from day one.


The purchase of the LIFESTYLE of your dreams (MSRP $135,000 = 135,000 SHARES-) could be paid in full or partially by the WOP earned commissions, offsetting all the costs of purchasing your yacht like bank INTEREST, brokerage fees, delivery, consignment, and without a credit score in between. The WOP is a simple, worry-free solution to reach ownership, as it converts the COSTS & EXPENSES of traditional ownership into FREE tangible EQUITY, allowing you at the same time to sail and live the LIFESTYLE of your dreams from day one.

 To earn yacht SHARES the WOP requires you to bring in new W SAILING subscribers, either by you generating fresh NEW leads or by managing qualified leads that WAHINE generates for you as a result of advertisement campaigns, boat shows participation, referrals, and general contacts, procuring to enroll a minimum of 4 W SAILING subscribers per year until you reach and maintain 16 active subscribers (you included). You will earn an impressive 80% commission of their monthly W SAILING subscription dues, commissions that will be applied directly to your account in SHARES of your own NEW yacht ($1 in commissions = 1 SHARE).


Simply, the sooner you manage to have your full CREW of 16 active subscribers the fastest you will sail away with your own brand new LIFESTYLE built to your taste.

The generous 80% commission per each monthly subscription paid, combined with a total of 16 subscribers allows you to achieve ownership within a period of 5 years or less, while WAHINE takes care of all the costs of running W SAILING, and helps you procure qualified leads. You will start sailing from the start in one of our yachts earning commissions towards the purchase of SHARES of your yacht month by month.


The WOP optimizes the purchase of your yacht by switching it into a SHORT-TERM-HIGH-YIELD-INVESTMENT, creating financial wealth for you, as you gain access to the WAHINE nautical LIFESTYLE making your dollars sense.


Instead of you having to pay from your own pocket or use your personal credit, the WOP allows you to do what you like the most moving you forward to reach ownership of a dreamed yacht!

There is no age limit to start SAILING smarter and create WEALTH at the same time, whether you’re already into Sailing or seeking a way to access to the exclusive Nautical LIFESTYLE making your dollars sense.

The WOP creates financial wealth for “what’s next” in your LIFESTYLE.