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Subscription has its privileges


The Subscription Economy and the End of Ownership

In the not too distant past, owning a sailboat was seen as a status symbol. If you could afford a yacht, the reasoning went, then you were doing well—and everyone could see it.

Today, however, the needle has shifted. People still want to have a sailboat, but they aren’t so concerned about owning them, per se, but aren’t as interested in filling their lives with physical goods anymore. They don’t want to deal with upfront costs, the hassles of maintenance, and the frustration of obsolescence.

Why buy and own a sailboat if there is an easier way to get the same or even better outcome?

This changing viewpoint has come about in part thanks to what is termed the “subscription economy.” This term refers to the new economic reality that things once obtainable only by ownership can now be rented, with a huge economic advantage.

Perhaps the prime example is music. Just a few years ago, people had to purchase CDs at a cost of $15 to $20 each if they wanted to enjoy their favorite band’s new offering. Today, for a subscription price of about $10 per month, they can enjoy unlimited music from unlimited groups through services such as Spotify and Pandora. True, they do not own anything—but what difference does it make when they can listen to the music they love anytime, anywhere, at the push of a button?

Driving Change

There are 5 main factors driving the rise of the subscription economy.

  1. Own less stuff. 

  2. A person’s status is no longer defined by what they own. 

  3. Subscriptions remove the burden of ownership. 

  4. The number of subscription users is growing rapidly. 

  5. In the future, people will subscribe to more services  that are unthinkable today

Common and Not-So-Common Subscriptions

Over the past 5 to 10 years, many subscription services have become familiar to consumers around the world. Along with the previously mentioned music subscription, services like streaming TV/movies, audiobooks, digital newspapers, and even car and bike rentals have become so commonplace that they are more the norm than the exception, and SAILING is no different. 

How does W Excel?

Although in its infancy of development W is still learning to excel in the subscription economy, applying several strategies that contribute to our company’s success.

  1. Uniqueness and differentiating qualities. The W LIFESTYLE yacht design sets itself apart from any other yacht. W Subscribers have access to the latest modern designs, comfort, and performance of brand-new semi-custom premium yachts to be enjoyed at multiple prime sailing destinations at a fraction of the cost, that otherwise would be impossible for them.

  2. Convenience. W SAILING is undeniably convenient. W saves people time and money while making sailing easier to be enjoyed. W eliminates all the ownership hassles and subscribers only own the memories.

  3. Variety. W SAILING allows subscribers to choose between several prime sailing destinations loaded with brand new yachts for their enjoyment.

  4. Simplicity. W takes care of everything. Subscribers enjoy a HOP-ON/HOP-OFF service plus a concierge service to organize each sail for the convenience of the subscribers

  5. Plain Subscription, No extra Fees. Simple, people access to W SAILING by a monthly subscription of just $499 a month.

What's included


W SUBSCRIBERS enjoy unlimited sailing at any sailing destination, have guest privileges and invites to PRIVATE events,  Pre-trip planning, on-site concierge service, daily yacht housekeeping at home port, early access to yachts, late checkouts, and much more.



Premium Yachts


W treats members with unlimited sailing access to an exclusive fleet of semi-custom brand new LIFESTYLE yachts, the benchmark in premium compact cruising yachts delivering enviable levels of comfort and superior refinement with daring looks and peerless performance.

Prime Destinations


W members access to a unique collection of hand-picked prime LIFESTYLE Sailing Destinations with the same membership, that includes all the available amenities that your crew needs to create unforgettable experiences every time you set sail a LIFESTYLE yacht.

Hassle-free sailing

Contactless check-in & check-out, Hop-on/Hop-off service,  invitations to private events, bespoke pre sail planning, and exclusive benefits from partner brands are just a few of the advantages and privileges that W members enjoy.

Learn to Sail

Although many new members already knows how to sial, or for those that are just starting the journey of sailing, W offers LIFESTYLE Sailing courses that are high and boave coast guard requirements, to allow members a successful fast-paced learning experience while having fun right from the beginning as they, meet new members, create new relationships and learn to sail the unique LIFESTYLE.

The right choice for YOU!


LIFESTYLE  Subscription



$499/per month

ALL you can sail / 1-year minimum commitment

  • This is your time to sail away aboard of brand New LIFESTYLE YACHTS

  • You are not alone anymore, Lifestyle PASS matches you with our sailing member's community to sail away when you want to sail

  • Book & Pool  to have fun sailing as much as you want with all Club members 

  • Endless annual sailing all destinations

  • CONTACT LESS check-in & Check-out

  • Lifestyle Learn To sail program included

  • Brand new W LIFESTYLE yachts

  • FULL Memberships privileges

  • Managed booking system from a PC or APP

  • Early access to yachts and late checkout

  • Daily yacht housekeeping at home port and sanitation. ​

  • Pre-Set Sail & Cruise planning and concierge service  

  • Book time in advance

  • Invites to enjoy unique experiences and members-only events​​​

  • Deductible hull insurance included

  • Service Fee of $15 applicable to each booking

  • Enjoy a 10% discount when paying the full year in advance

  • Membership Aditionlas welcome at $125 per month

How does the Lifestyle Subscription work?


Book your sail by picking up the sailing slot you wish to sail using the app or online.



You may find that other members already have booked the same slot you wish, so pool-up with them to sail (6 members max - per sail). If your availability does not match any open pool be the first to start one.



PASS gives individual members the most convenient way to sail surrounded by the entire LIFESTYLE members community, creating new connections and relationships as you improve your sailing skills while creating lifetime memories.


You are now aboard of a bran new LIFESTYLE, sailing with members with may have different skills and sailing experience, but all members are equal onboard and share nothing but full camaraderie and friendship with an understanding that all crew wishes to rotate positions, performing duties randomly as needed, and cooperating abord with whatever task is needed.


Not yet a subscriber, but ready 

to discover what it's like?

 "LIFESTYLE SAILING"  3hs. sailing session. $125- per person  "prospective members only"

W SAILING invites you to discover LIFESTYLE Sailing. This is a FUN 3hs practical immersion intro to the sport of sailing. You will learn the basics of sailing through the hands-on experience of preparing, crewing, sail trimming, and skippering a modern cruising LIFESTYLE yacht. This course is designed to be a no-stress, first-time sailing experience and we guarantee you'll love it!

This 100% on the watercourse is taught in mid-range wind conditions. we guarantee you to have FULL FUN aboard a brand new LIFESTYLE yacht, the world's benchmark in compact premium high performance cruising monohulls.  The LIFESTYLE has a fixed lead bulb keel,  spade balanced rudder, inboard engine, and aside from delivering high performance in comfort and safety, still is docile and stable.

This glory day on the water will give you a serious taste of what it would look like your LIFESTYLE if you become part of the W SAILING.