Sailing Courses

& Refreshers

We help members & students to develop

the necessary skills to SAIL safely

& with confidence

We have developed an independent and rich approach to learning. Based on the curriculum grounds established by the US SAILING ASSOCIATION. Our courses allow members to become an active participant of our CLUB to become eligible to book our yachts at any of our available sailing destinations safely an with confidence using modern approaches to transfer knowledge with a high degree of practical input and water time while you have fun on the water from day one. Also, the knowledge and skills developed at our sailing school can be used to sail or chart other sailboats up to 30ft outside our Club.


 "LIFESTYLE SAILING" 1-day course. FREE for prospective members ONLY!

W SAIL CLUB invites you to discover LIFESTYLE Sailing. This is a FUN 2hs practical immersion intro to the sport of sailing. You will learn the basics of sailing through the hands-on experience of preparing, crewing, sail trimming, and skippering a modern cruising LIFESTYLE yacht. This course is designed to be a no-stress, first-time sailing experience and we guarantee you'll love it!

This 100% on the watercourse is taught in mid-range wind conditions during a 2hs.  period of FULL FUN onboard of brand new LIFESTYLE yachts, the world's benchmark in compact premium high performance cruising monohulls.  The LIFESTYLE has a fixed lead bulb keel,  spade balanced rudder, inboard engine, and aside from delivering high performance in comfort and safety, still is docile and stable.

This glory day on the water will give you a serious taste of what it would look like your LIFESTYLE if you become part of the W LIFESTYLE CLUB. 

 "COMPETENCE & CONFIDENCE" 3hs. Intensive sessions. FREE for CLUB members!

Courses are a great way to learn and practice, but water time is the ultimate way to put together all you have learned and gain enough practice while developing the necessary skills to become the SKIPPER of your LIFESTYLE.


No matter the conditions, or how many sessions you may need. we are here to help our members to build enough competence and confidence to sail away safely and with confidence.

"Privater" or with a crew of up to 2 other members ( 4 in total + instructor) you will set sail with your personal trainer to get you where you need to be. This 3hs intense focus-coaching sailing session will help you to practice specific maneuvers and technics while repetition and practice make perfect.

These sessions are necessary and highly recommended to be done during and after your Coastal cruising Course.

 "COASTAL CRUISING" 6-day course. FREE for CLUB members!

Our Coastal Cruising Course will take you from novice sailor to one who’s both competent and confident. It’s designed exclusively for the Wahine LIFESTYLE, a luxury sailboat with an auxiliary diesel engine that we use for training and cruising. Our courses are designed to make clear many of the issues that confuse new sailors and helps you quickly build your skills so that by the end of the course you’re qualified to charter the Lifestyle CLUB yachts and similar vessels.

Coastal Cruising is required to book Club yachts. In the case that the member already has the experience, a sailing check-out will be performed to review his/her sailing skills and confidence and asses wich course might be required. 

No matter the level of experience a NEW member may bring into the CLUB unless he/she can show proof of having what it takes on and off the water, his/her skill will be “check-out” with a Wahine Sail Club sailing instructor to evaluate skills. if necessary the WAHINE SAIL CLUB instructor will determine what sail training is required if necessary.

 "BAREBOAT CRUISING" 3-day Liveaboard course.   FREE for CLUB members!

By now you know how to Sail, but this course will enable you to become the captain of your yacht to reach distant shores. This is the ultimate ready-to-cruise course taught on 26′ cruising monohulls WAHINE LIFESTYLE. The Bareboat Cruising enables you to book and set sail by-your-own using Club yachts and take them outside the Bay and down south up to Monterrey

 "LIFESTYLE SYSTEMS" 4Hs at a yacht plus online learning. FREE for Club Members!

There are dozens of questions you may have about how does a LIFESTYLE  yacht work, or maybe, you have yet not even realized how important it could be to know how your boat systems work!
This course goes over all the WAHINE LIFESTYLE systems including but not limited to propane, mechanical, rigging, steering, plumbing, electrical, diesel engine, and electronics systems. We will look at all different bilge pumps on board, how to verify its working conditions, which is used for different applications, how to assess, and take action under an improper working issue, and many but many things more

Class size


Our low student to teacher ratio (3 to 1) ensures that you get just the right amount of hands-on experience. Basic Keelboat, Basic Cruising & Bareboat Cruising classes have a maximum of four students and one instructor per boat. While there will sometimes be less, there will never be more.

Our approach to filling or limited vacancies to teach takes serieuly int account COVID-19.


Just a few feet away from our docks the fun starts! Our Club is located in the heart of Silicon Valey, in Redwood City, directly across the San Mateo Bridge, in the Blu Harbor Marina. Our location is unique as it allows you to be sailing in minutes in a world’s premier sailing destination with a huge variety of nautical a exposure.


Knowing how to sail is one thing, but knowing how to teach sailing is another. Our instructors are among the unique bread of professionals the embrace teaching not for the monetary reward but for the prestige and excellence that confers to their lives aside from being extremally qualified and prepared We have instructors and trainers that not only teach to our Club members in the comfort of our private Club environment, they also teach al the largest and most demanding schools in the area.  

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