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Premium Yachts

Closing the gap between premium yachts and the Yachting Lifestyle is our innovation.

W was born as a result of the search for solutions for those wishing to own a LIFESTYLE but couldn't compromise with the expenses of boat ownership, or didn't have a deep nautical background but wished to get into this privileged LIFESTYLE.


Thanks to owners,  prospective buyers, and W SAILING subscribers' feedback, the idea of facilitating access to sailing while offering innovative ways to reach ownership in a simple and affordable way having FUN sailing large right from the start without compromising personal credit or family savings seemed priceless and got us to work.    


W offers to individuals of all different backgrounds the opportunity to access a premium LIFESTYLE without the hassle or financial burden of traditional yacht ownership, inspiring lifetime memories and experiences while offering also affordable, safe, and trouble-free means to own a LIFESTYLE yacht.


No matter what is your choice or nautical desire, W SAILING can make those a reality at prime sailing destinations, so you and your loved ones can live and experience the nautical LIFESTYLE of your dreams.

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