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Welcome to TIBURON

From the moment you discover this NEW prime sailing destination located at the heart of Tiburon, in Marin County, you'll feel the comfort and convenience that makes our members happy sailors. This new homeport includes Resort-style amenities, surrounded by newly-renovated apartment homes, meticulously-landscaped grounds, and a cozy beautifully maintained private marina making of this whole setup a perfect  LIFESTYLE sailing destination. 


TIBURON, with a unique scenic stretch of Marin County across the bay from San Francisco, jut in front of Sausalito, is a relaxed seaside community with charming architecture and homes that feel more like New England than California.


With a clubhouse on the shores of San Francisco Bay and a private marina, will allow our members to enjoy on-water activities and camaraderie year-round,  which when combined with the LAKE TAHOE & REDWOOD CITY  destinations will create the perfect Northern California SALING triangle.

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SF Bay area, California


Escape the ordinary to cruise around the Bay to discover unique picturesque small towns or the iconic big city that makes this Bay famous for. 


The Bay offers to cruisers the possibility to find them self in an urban marina walking to a Giants game as you could a picturesque Napa Valley dock walking to a wine tasting.


Strong breezes, fog, and multiple bridges make this an ideal region especially those seeking mild weather year-round. 

Fresh things to do


Rock out

Perhaps the most famous prison in the world, "The Rock" draws thousands of visitors to its echoing corridors. Once home to the most notorious criminals, Alcatraz is filled with rich history, captivating stories and urban legends. Alcatraz Island is one of the bay’s most visible landmarks. You can visit Alcatraz only by taking a tourboats. If sailing, take a slow cruise by the island’s east shore for a great view of the Alcatraz prison buildings while enjoying protection from the prevailing weather.


Tiburon & Belvedere

Across Raccoon Strait from Angel Island, Tiburon is a charming waterfront town. Belvedere, originally an island, is home to the country’s most expensive homes. It is home to the San Francisco yacht club but offers no public facilities. On the east coast of the Tiburon peninsula are some the Bay’s finest waterfront homes, as well as a nice anchorage and some great fishing.


Angel Island

Angel Island is the jewel of San Fransisco Bay. Ayala Cove has the largest public docks and moorings on the bay, and it among its most protected locations. The island is largely undeveloped, with a scattering of historic buildings and a permiter road. A State Park, it offers miles of hiking and biking trails. The view from the top, with glorious views in all directions, is spectacular.


Cruise to Napa Valley

Take advantage of our custom transom bike racks and bikes and trek through some of Napa Valleys' finest vineyards located just up the road from Napa Valley Marina. Many guided bike tours are available.


Sail under the Golden Gate

Point to the Golden Gate Bridge for sweeping views. Take advantage of the morning time for smoothest and often warmest sail of the day before the cool wind kicks up and while the morning water is still flat. The peace and serenity of this sail will stay with you throughout the entire life.



Explore the beautiful seaside Mediterranean-style town of Sausalito just across the Golden Gate. Lunch, dine, shop, relax or bike around this lovely town, one of the largest maritime communities, located on the southwest shore of Richardson Bay. Its facilities for sailors include nearly a dozen marinas and boatyards.

Weather & Location


Forecasting Your Bay Vacation

It can be foggy. It can be sunny. It can be mildly frigid. It can be pleasantly warm. Never extreme, it's always just right in San Francisco. With the cool air blowing in from the Pacific, the temperature seems to remain steady- no matter the season. Even if there are overcast skies, nothing dims the brilliance of a perfect San Francisco vacation.

San Francisco




With nearly 40 marinas in the central SF Bay area only with more than 11,000 slips with guest slips available for overnight visits, the Bay area becomes a premium cruising destination by itself.

Blu Harbor by Windsor’s brand new marina features state-of-the-art facilities, access to resort-inspired amenities, and a convenient central location.

With 64 concrete berths ranging from 35’ and above, this CLUB's home port is an exceptional place to set sail. Located at the corner of Smith Slough and Redwood Creek in Redwood City, Blu Harbor by Windsor provides great access to the wonderful recreational resources of Redwood Creek, the neighboring sloughs, and the San Francisco Bay.

Weather & Location


Forecasting Your Bay Vacation

It can be foggy. It can be sunny. It can be mildly frigid. It can be pleasantly warm. Never extreme, it's always just right in San Francisco. With the cool air blowing in from the Pacific, the temperature seems to remain steady- no matter the season. Even if there are overcast skies, nothing dims the brilliance of a perfect San Francisco vacation.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, CA     


The perfect summer passage!


From April 2021 start

reconnecting with family and friends without interference


The clear blue lake tucked into the snowy Sierra Nevada mountain range, welcomes sailing lovers, families, adventurers, and casual travelers to its easygoing and pine-scented atmosphere. Lake Tahoe keeps everyone’s interests piqued and their vacations active throughout the summer while taken by the lake’s beauty and wealth of activities. 

Operating from SOUTH LAKE TAHOE members will set sail to cruise in search of adventure exploring towns that surround the lake might make you feel like you’re swaggering through a modernized downtown from the Old West or freeing yourself of life’s unnecessary pressures by embracing the chill West Coast vibe that permeates the region. 



Lake Tahoe, CA 


While the vibe of the Lake towns may be laid-back, upscale shops and refined dining options are committed to providing indulgent experiences.


There are two essential truths when it comes to spending your warm days in Tahoe: The weather is ideal and hibernating next to a cozy fire is no longer acceptable. A sure sign winter has finally come to a close is the sheer amount of summer activities available, whether sailing with your family, hiking or sitting outdoors at your favorite watering hole.

Fresh things to do

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Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Lake Tahoe's pristine beauty is a must-sail destination. Experience the astonishingly clear, cobalt-blue water of the largest alpine lake in North America in your dreamed LIFESTYLE sailing yacht.



Picturesque views, perfect bays for anchorage, safe friendly sailing conditions, mountain sunsets, waterfront world-class resort destination, cozy towns to explore and experience the local hospitality make Tahoe a pretty fantastic setting for all things romantic.


Po-Po-Po Poker Face

Cruise to the South Shore over the state border into Nevada and you will find opulent casinos like Harrah's and MontBleu. Roll that dice, Daddy needs a new pair of shoes! Don't want to test your luck? Shows are available most nights.


Waterfront Fine Dining

As you navigate the lake’s 72 miles of shoreline, you may prefer to dock your yacht at day’s end, to sit on a deck and watch the sunset and dine on a restaurant deck where a cool breeze comes with the margaritas.

Most lakeside restaurants are next to marinas or docks that accommodate sailors. Best advice: Call ahead for a reservation on the deck.


Mountain Biking

Set sail with your bikes using our custom transom bike bracket and explore LakeTahoe's mountain biking mecca & towns nestled among the Sierra Nevada mountains. The forest coats the landscape in lush greenery; high, clear lakes; and peaks soaring to 9,000 feet. A bounty of maintained singletrack and rugged backcountry dirt adorns the region, meaning this place will whet any mountain biker’s exploratory appetite, guaranteed.


Stand Up Paddle

Lake Tahoe is one of the clearest, largest, and deepest alpine lakes in the entire world. The cold winters and cool water temperatures keep the lake’s clarity extremely high. This clarity and the famed blue color of the lake, make Tahoe the perfect place to paddleboard.  Throw in a pine tree-rimmed shoreline and a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, and Lake Tahoe stands apart as one of the most unique paddleboard destinations in the world.

Parasailing is for you!

If you like fun, thus parasailing is for you.

As you begin parasailing, floating up to 500+ feet, you will come into a very calm and relaxed state. The boat that you were just zipping around on is still hauling full speed, but you are enjoying a leisurely sway as you look down at the treetops. It is a very serene moment, followed up by a reassuring feeling of clarity.

Featured Activities



Variety is the spice of life when it comes to Lake Tahoe communities.




The little communities surrounding the lake make the perfect cruising excuse to spend the day sailing. Incline Village & Kings Beach, two luxury village home to some of the wealthiest people in the world, offers private beaches to its residents and some guests and beautiful views of the West Shore. 


Tahoe City, Is a perfect little hamlet for visitors to enjoy the quiet of the lake while having plenty of entertainment options close by. With good restaurants and easy access to a public beach, Homewood, a small winter ski resort that hosts concerts and other entertainment in the summer sits just yards from the lake.


Meeks Bay, this small little neighborhood on the West Shore offers luxurious views of the lake and great access to nearby state parks. South Lake Tahoe/Stateline, the largest of the cities around Lake Tahoe offers a variety of entertainment options. The area’s biggest casinos bring in the biggest acts, so if nightlife is what you’re looking for, cruise to South Lake and enjoy riding your bikes as the town is a bicycle-friendly designated community, so rent a bicycle and enjoy the region’s many scenic rides.


Zephyr Cove, located on the southeast part of the lake, is a historic area. Businesses nearby offer a slew of fun activities including horseback riding, kayaking, parasailing or boating. Sand Harbor, with sandy beaches, boat launches, picnic spots and access to world-class biking, hiking, and fishing, it is no wonder is one of the most popular spots on the lake.

Travel Tips

Weather & Location


Forecasting Your Tahoe Vacation


The summer season in Lake Tahoe goes from June 1st  to Sep 15th and is high season.

During Summer Lake Tahoe is packed, all the parks, golf courses, hiking and biking trails are open so expect crowds everywhere you go, we recommend having reservations at restaurants on weekends. Summer is also the time when you’ll see wedding parties on the lake taking pictures or having a ceremony on a beach.  June is regularly calm, the water temperature is not warm enough for swimming (at least not for everyone) so it’s a great time to visit if you don’t enjoy crowds, all the other activities are available. Starting 4th of July all the way till Labor Day Lake Tahoe and Truckee is packed with tourists, there are people sailing, boating, sunbathing, swimming, biking, hiking, tubing, kayaking every day of the week. Right after Labor Day till Sep 15th would be a great time to enjoy the warm water and a quiet Lake Tahoe, so the decision is yours.

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