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The W OWNERSHIP  PROGRAM or ”WOP" is a powerful tool designed to reach DEBT-FREE OWNERSHIP of a new LIFESTYLE yacht in ideally 5 years or less, while at the same time enjoying sailing in new yachts from the beginning with W SAILING.

The WOP is designed to deliver high monetary commissions that are converted into SHARES of units of equity ownership of a new yacht. Commissions are made by referring qualified leads that are converted into W SAILING subscribers, or from subscribers introduced directly by W SAILING, and from fun sailing activities offered by W Sailing, without compromising personal credit or family savings, as the commissions will leverage on average 80% of the value of the new yacht.

In case you don't know yet, W SAILING is a private sailing community made up of individuals that share W LIFESTYLE yachts, allowing them to sail and live the yachting LIFESTYLE right from the start as they earn SHARES becoming owners of their own NEW yacht and paying only on average 20% of the cost of the yacht in easy monthly installments of $399-




Earned monthly commissions are converted into SHARES of units of equity ownership of a NEW LIFESTYLE yacht and allocated into Affiliate’s account.

$1 in commissions = 1 SHARE of Unit of Equity Ownership


SHARES are created from all the commissions accrued from the monthly payments made by  W SAILING Subscribers referred by the Affiliate and enrolled into W SAILING including those subscribers directly allocated to the Affiliate account by W SAILING, plus commissions earned by promoting yachting experiences or by participating in those, paying only $399 a month during the time of its WOP Affiliation, which corresponds to its own W SAILING subscription.

Making the passage to OWNERSHIP!


The generation of revenue is vital for earning SHARES.  W SAILING's interest is to cooperate in facilitating the creation of multiple sources of revenue to help Affiliates to fast-track their ownership process offering different alternatives for the creation of SHARES. Each Affiliate will find according to their personal capabilities. interest, motivation, and background some alternatives are more appealing than others. 


1. SOURCING W SAILING SUBSCRIBERS LEADS: The Affiliate will source, qualify, and invite subscriber leads to participate in sail outs facilitating the connection with a W SAILING sales professional, who will transit with the leads their unique buying cycle. Affiliates are “NOT” required to pitch or perform closings, neither have quotas or targets to reach. Leads that become subscribers deliver 80% Commission per each monthly subscription payment done by the subscriber during its subscription.

2. W SAILING SUBSCRIBERS: W SAILING's own business synergy, plus promotions and advertisement campaigns performed routinely by W SAILING generates leads, and subscribers for W SAILING. Those subscribers are allocated equitably and fairly among Affiliates' accounts, delivering for them 50% Commission per each monthly subscription payment performed by them during the time of its subscription.

3. YACHTING LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCES: Probably the most dynamic, fun, and lucrative source of revenue is promoting and leading simple but amazing yachting experiences that are crafted, promoted, and performed routinely by W SAILING. These yachting experiences are great opportunities to generate substantial commissions that can easily surpass subscribers'  earnings while making new friends and having big-time fun sailing like a yachtie. The WOP Affiliates have 3  possibilities within the experience market:

1) Experiences sold and skippered by the same Affiliate: 40% commission

2) Experiences sold but not skippered: 20% commission

3) Skippering an experience: 20% Commission. 

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